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Years of Culinary Artistry Behind Every Meal

Gourmet Meals That Suit Your Needs

Traci is a culinary artist who utilizes years of experience as an in-home private chef to provide a professional gourmet experience for select clients in south Florida. Traci shops for premium ingredients daily, prepares an extensive variety of meals in-home, and delivers freshly-prepared meals according to her clients’ schedules and diets.

Caribbean heritage and a lifelong passion for the culinary arts inspired Traci to craft creative adaptations of classic dishes, completely original recipes, as well as traditional meals like steak, pork chops, mashed potatoes, and meatloaf. Her specialty, however, is catering to trending diet plans like Keto and Paleo. Traci’s clients enjoy the ability to stick to strict diets and healthy lifestyles without having to spend a large portion of their time planning and preparing meals.

Throughout Traci’s long history of culinary experience, she has prepared private meals as well as banquets for large gatherings and caterings for organized functions and events. Traci’s mission is to provide permanent and seasonal residents of south Florida with a valuable and enjoyable personal chef service when they’re busy with their careers or adventures or otherwise unable to spend time preparing meals.

As one of south Florida’s foremost private chefs, Traci maintains strict standards for every dining experience she facilitates. She selects only the best recipes to offer her clientele and uses only the freshest ingredients in preparation, always purchased the same day. Traci understands that busy schedules require punctuality and always shows the utmost respect for clients and their homes. All dietary guidelines are followed to the letter. Once finished, the kitchen is left in immaculate condition in an effort to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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Open Up Your Schedule for the Things You Enjoy

Shopping for select ingredients, meal planning, cooking, and cleaning eat away at the time you could be spending with your family, on your hobbies, or on your career. Free yourself up to enjoy your time the way you want.

Let Someone Else Worry About Complicated Diet Restrictions

Living a healthy lifestyle requires quite a bit more planning and attention than eating whatever is readily available. Each meal prepared by your in-home chef will adhere to your diet, no matter how strict.

Mouthwatering Gourmet Meals

Try incredible meal selections like baked salmon in pesto sauce or Asian meatballs in Thai basil sauce. Traci has years of experience as a private gourmet chef and specializes in modern diet trends, as well as popular classics and original recipes.

No Cleanup Necessary

Cleaning the kitchen tends to detract from the joy of good food. When Traci visits your home to prepare delicious meals, she’ll leave your kitchen sparkling clean so you can relax and do what you enjoy.

Acclaim from Traci’s Current and Former Clients